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A government's shame as pupils go hungry

With food inflation expected to hit 17% early next year (Nabarro, 2022) there is a sense of foreboding looming over schools at what they will witness in the coming months.


Pupils unable to concentrate, tired, without adequate winter clothing, coming to school hungry, and families unable to afford school lunches—the impact of the cost of living crisis on families across...

Obesity: Latest NCMP data shows strong link with deprivation

…13.6% of reception-aged children in areas of social deprivation were obese, compared with 6.2% in the least deprived areas. When it came to ‘severe obesity’ the figures were 4.5% and 1.3%...

Parents' perception of toddlers' nutritional state

Quantitative, descriptive and relational study on a population of toddlers' parents who attended nurseries in the district of Viseu, Portugal. The 94 institutions in the district have been contacted,...

Caffeine: Effects on sleep and academic performance in college students

Caffeine is consumed worldwide by college students in many different forms (Alsharif et al, 2018; Jahrami, et al, 2020; Mahoney et al, 2019; Eduviere et al, 2021; Zahra et al, 2021). Caffeine is...

Acquired brain injury: Providing support in schools

ABI is an injury to the brain that occurs after birth and a period of typical development. They may be traumatic (e.g. fall, accident, assault) or non-traumatic (relating to medical condition or...

How to be a safe adult

I have started teaching about how to be a safe adult using 5Cs which I will explore with you in this article:.

What is the role of the children's community nurse in childhood cancer care?

There are many advantages of receiving care in the community, be that in an educational setting or at home (Green, 2019). Children undergoing cancer treatment and families want to feel a sense of...

Body image: Advice for supporting pupils

‘…the committee has also rightly highlighted the mounting pressure for children and young people to conform to unrealistic body ideals, which is in part due to social media and online content.’ .

Educating in times of grief: We need your views

‘If it is going to be taught, it should be taught when children are young, because losing someone can happen at any point in a child's life – not just high school or college. It would help to be...

Safeguarding the safeguarders: Improving access to supervision

‘…school nurses are being asked to ‘park’ or ‘delay’ their critical safeguarding supervision due to pressures of work. Yet, these pressures are exactly why there is an even greater need for...

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