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Asthma and Respiratory Medicine

Asthma and self-management: Improving support for teenagers

The prevalence and level of morbidity in this age group is higher than the rates in younger children (Couriel, 2003). This is thought to be due to poor symptom control, which frequently reflects poor...

A clinical study of the benefits and effectiveness of a respiratory viral panel PCR study in children presenting with respiratory tract infections

The medical records of 100 children and young people aged under 18 years of age who had an RVP PCR test performed during December 2019 were reviewed using the Meditech health information system..

Asthma: Disadvantaged children at greater risk of the condition persisting into adulthood

‘Children with asthma who spent the early years of their life living in a social disadvantaged environment, have a greatly increased risk of the condition persisting into adulthood…’ .

Recognising and managing an acute asthma attack

‘Formal diagnosis of asthma is difficult and must reflect the chronic nature of the disease…There is no one test that confirms a diagnosis of asthma. GPs use a combination of clinical history and...

Asthma: New COVID-19 rapid guideline

Media reporting and government announcements about COVID-19 and its spread can cause anxiety and concern among people who are at risk, particularly those who require high dose medication. Referring...

Teachers' role perception and opinions on the partnership between schools and parents for asthma control in Osun State, Nigeria

‘Important goals of childhood asthma management are to ensure good symptom control, to avoid the limitation of physical activities by the disease, to ensure good partnerships between health-care...

The importance of improving indoor air quality to help reduce asthma attacks

‘The NICE guidelines are a major step in the right direction, but without legally binding performance standards for indoor air pollution, national and local government cannot be held to account....

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