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Body mass index, clusters of health behaviour among school-age children and young people in Sweden

We aimed to identify temporal patterns of change in body mass index (BMI) and associated health behaviour among 6–16-year-old children and young people in Sweden..

Using digital interventions to encourage healthy eating

The study was designed in two parts. In part one, the family-based healthy eating intervention is delivered and participants are asked to produce the vlog-style films in their home setting. Part two...

Exposure of children to television food advertisements: an observational analysis

‘Television advertisements provide an effective medium for food companies to target children and influence their food choices…Multiple systematic reviews have shown that child exposure to television...

Crohn's and colitis: New research offers insights into caring for young people

‘Typically, consultations do not address young people's feelings, mental health, or the challenges that IBD symptoms can create for sustaining friendships and connectedness. … our study reveals the...

Using narrative messages to improve parents' experience of learning that a child has overweight

This work provides insight into a novel application of health communication theory, by investigating the acceptability and feasibility of using narrative messages to enhance parents' responses to NCMP...

Nutritional content and quality of food consumed at recess and lunchtime by 5–8-year-olds

The initial data extraction process resulted in 796 articles. Of these, 583 appeared in Scopus, 106 in ProQuest, 38 in Cinahl and 69 in Medline. Once duplicates were removed, 690 articles remained....

Looking at the impact of lockdown on eating habits

‘Eating well in childhood is the very foundation stone of equality of opportunity and is essential for both physical and mental growth …’ .

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