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HPV immunisation: Moving toward a single dose?

‘The JCVI's report said that the single-dose schedule “breaks the dogma that a prime and a booster is required for this type of vaccine". It said that the papillomavirus had not evolved to evade...

COVID-19 vaccine: Rollout of the school immunisation programme

‘It came as little surprise, therefore, that by the beginning of October, official Department for Education figures showed that more than 200 000 pupils were off school for COVID-related reasons –...

What factors influence measles, mumps and rubella vaccine hesitancy among parents? A systematic review

‘…parents appreciate balanced information about the risks and benefits of a vaccine, in a timely manner, from a trusted health professional, such as a health visitor.’ .

Implementing new consent procedures for schools-based human papillomavirus vaccination: a qualitative study

‘The new procedures allowed all eligible young women to attend, irrespective of whether they had returned a parental consent form.’ .

Using every opportunity to vaccinate children

‘…school and public health nurses are using this as an opportunity to reflect and build on best practice.’ .

Delivering a school-based immunisation programme and maintaining uptake in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Clearly, there are many challenges ahead, but this year's programme has already faced setbacks. According to Kelly Riddles, immunisation staff nurse, Wakefield 0–19 Service at the Bradford District...

HPV immunisation: A review of parent and stakeholder attitudes on school-based programmes

‘Health-care providers, school staff members, public health officials, and the media have a crucial role in educating stakeholders about the importance of adhering to the vaccine schedule to reduce...

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