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Stephanie Thornton

Dr Stephanie Thornton, chartered psychologist and former lecturer in psychology and child development

Academic pressure: Taking the issue seriously

The Children's Society performs regular surveys of happiness with children and their parents or carers, and their reports (The Good Childhood Report) are often cited as evidence for problems with...

Understanding stress and resilience in the transition to secondary school

‘…there is considerable variation across studies, individuals, and groups of children. For example, whereas most studies report an increase in anxiety through this transition, some report a decrease...

How will the bad news cycle of recent years affect young people?

Research takes time. As yet, what we have tends to address one, or at most two or three potential stressors in the news cycle at a time. There is much useful information in that research, but there...

Psychosis: Looking at recent research

We have long believed that having a first-degree relative (such as a parent or sibling) with psychosis raises an individual's risk of a similar diagnosis. However, the role of genes in triggering...

PTSD: Mental health in the COVID-19 pandemic

Severe depression or anxiety are noxious and debilitating, and certainly warrant serious concern, but it is PTSD that concerns many experts the most. The symptoms of PTSD are particularly challenging,...

Helping children and young people to appraise risk in difficult times

‘Rates of anxiety and depression have doubled in the past 2 years, affecting all age groups but particularly teenagers. This is scarcely surprising: the pandemic and climate change present...

Fostering resilience

‘The roots of individual differences [in resilience] lie in innate temperament, which is very strongly influenced by genetics…But genes do not wholly determine how robust a personality an individual...

Agression: Managing aggressive behaviour in students

Sometimes, where aggression is persistent, serious and does not respond to the interventions available within a school, the possibility of exclusion is likely to be considered. Often, that is the...

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