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Tracy Perron

Associate professor, Department of Nursing, The College of New Jersey, USA

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Caffeine: Effects on sleep and academic performance in college students

Caffeine is consumed worldwide by college students in many different forms (Alsharif et al, 2018; Jahrami, et al, 2020; Mahoney et al, 2019; Eduviere et al, 2021; Zahra et al, 2021). Caffeine is...

School nursing intervention for COVID-19-related mental health issues in the school health office

To better understand the impact and risk factors of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the mental, physical, and social health of children and adolescents, a literature search was performed....

Enhancing mental health literacy in schools through staff training: An integrative review

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2020) in the United States, 9.4% of children aged 2–17 years have been diagnosed with ADHD. Among children aged 3–17 years, 7.4% have...

FIT: A community-engaged approach to health and physical education

‘…the development and mastery of selected physical abilities early in life are prerequisites for continued participation in moderate to vigorous physical activity…’ .

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