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Looking at the impact of lockdown on eating habits

‘Eating well in childhood is the very foundation stone of equality of opportunity and is essential for both physical and mental growth …’ .

HPV immunisation: A review of parent and stakeholder attitudes on school-based programmes

‘Health-care providers, school staff members, public health officials, and the media have a crucial role in educating stakeholders about the importance of adhering to the vaccine schedule to reduce...

Young carers: ‘You are not alone’

‘I was adopted at the age of 4 years and that was when my caring role began, I cared for my mum who had a stroke (she was paralysed down her left side) a few years before my parents adopted me.’ .

Partner violence: Adopting a public health approach to addressing the problem

‘Evidence suggests that the some of the highest rates of domestic violence and abuse are experienced by adolescents, with prevalence rates as high as 45% in England.’ .

RSHE: Delivering an inclusive curriculum for SEND learners

‘… learners [with SEND] may be more vulnerable to abuse or exploitation, and may need more coverage of social, emotional, and mental health topics.’ .

Never more relevant, never more needed

‘Right now we need to amplify, celebrate and embrace our postgraduate public health nursing qualifications, experience, leadership, knowledge and skills and optimise its use; it has never been more...

Talking to children about death dying and bereavement – Is it time for a change in the school curriculum?

‘We … know that children often worry that their parents or those close to them may die. Therefore, why do we not talk more openly with children?’ .

Anaphylaxis: Triggers and symptoms

In a large European study, Grabenhenrich et al (2016) showed that food was a frequent trigger or cause in cases of anaphylaxis (66%). Certainly, Järvinen et al (2008) found that food-related allergies...

Basic life support training in schools: Reflecting on students' and teachers' perspectives in Portugal

‘Cardiac-respiratory arrests secondary to a cardiovascular event are still common and […] the implementation of BLS manoeuvres as quickly as possible followed by ADE are fundamental to increase...

COVID-19 in schools: Infection control, personal protective equipment and the latest CPR advice

Children, young people, their parents and those who work with them can take a number of important actions during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, to help prevent the spread of the virus..

Mental health and wellbeing: 10 challenges post-lockdown

Everyone is going through a tough time and even the most resilient pupils are likely to find that their wellbeing takes a hit. Pupils might seem more anxious than usual; they may be more irritable,...

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