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COVID-19: Susceptibility and transmission in children

‘…researchers undertook a systematic review and meta-analysis of more than 6 000 international studies, to understand how susceptible children are to catching COVID-19 and whether they pass it on to...

All Together: Free anti-bullying programme

‘Much uncertainty lies ahead, and we are pleased that so many schools are using this time to think about their anti-bullying work and ensure staff are able to meet the needs of all their pupils.’ .

Safely returning to school

‘…now, due to immeasurable pressures, [many children] will also have tragically suffered abuse and/or neglect during this period. We need, therefore, to assume that our children may not be in a good...

Mental health and COVID-19: Advice for teachers

More than anything right now, children need to feel comforted. That can be difficult especially when working remotely, but there are simple things that can be done..

Asthma: New COVID-19 rapid guideline

Media reporting and government announcements about COVID-19 and its spread can cause anxiety and concern among people who are at risk, particularly those who require high dose medication. Referring...

Modern slavery: An overview of the signs and the role school nurses can play

Modern slavery victims can be any age, gender, ethnicity or nationality, although it tends to be more prevalent among the most vulnerable, and within minority or socially excluded groups. In 2018, the...

COVID-19: School nursing services and continuity of care

‘Critically, many school nursing services are well advanced in the use of technology and right now, when most children are at home and/or self-isolating, this is proving a lifeline for many… ’ .

Young people's experiences of an anti-bullying Drama in Education workshop six months' post-participation

Forum theatre defined by Boal (2000) is a platform which enables people to change their perceptions and view of the world. Boal (2000) suggests that observation of a piece of theatre enables the...

Teachers' role perception and opinions on the partnership between schools and parents for asthma control in Osun State, Nigeria

‘Important goals of childhood asthma management are to ensure good symptom control, to avoid the limitation of physical activities by the disease, to ensure good partnerships between health-care...

Trauma informed education for specialist practice

School nurses have a key public health role through the universal and targeted services they provide across education and health, providing a link between school, home and the community (Royal College...

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