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Reopening schools: Four barriers that should not be overlooked

It is not a facetious or ‘blocking’ question: it is a real and fundamental desire to know what we are trying to achieve, because it is not until you declare why schools are opening further at an...

Psoriasis: Management and self-care

The aetiology of psoriasis is not fully understood; however, genetic and environmental factors are significant in its development (World Health Organization, 2016). In healthy individuals, skin...

Seizures: Management in children

Epilepsy is not a single condition but a group of many varied ‘epilepsies’. Having epilepsy simply means a tendency to have seizures and having a single seizure does not mean that someone has epilepsy...

Child sexual abuse: A critical analysis of social workers' role in recognising and responding to it

In order to understand the context of safeguarding children suffering abuse and in turn, possible exploitation, and how evidence-based practice is informing current direction of policy and practice,...

Sepsis: The importance of knowing the signs and symptoms

‘Some of the symptoms are not dissimilar to other illnesses such as colds and flu, or a chest infection, which is why a delayed diagnosis can be fatal.’ .

School nurses' role in supporting transgender young people

All names and identifying details have been changed in this case study..

Agression: Managing aggressive behaviour in students

Sometimes, where aggression is persistent, serious and does not respond to the interventions available within a school, the possibility of exclusion is likely to be considered. Often, that is the...

RSE: Asking young people for their views on relationships and sex education

‘Only 41% rated their school-based RSE as good or very good, slightly lower than a similar poll conducted in 2018.’ .

All our health … and inequalities

‘Young people trust nurses and talk openly—this cannot be underestimated. Just by listening and giving a young person time can make a huge difference; which is exactly why school nursing is an...

The importance of improving indoor air quality to help reduce asthma attacks

‘The NICE guidelines are a major step in the right direction, but without legally binding performance standards for indoor air pollution, national and local government cannot be held to account....

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