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School nursing: What's in a name?

‘Unless we are in the conversation and helping others to best understand our unique role, and therefore relevant standards, we run the risk of these and any review not being accurate’ .


Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a genetic condition that causes weakening of muscles and problems with movement (NHS, 2020). Until 2 years ago, there were no treatments available for children...

Fostering resilience

‘The roots of individual differences [in resilience] lie in innate temperament, which is very strongly influenced by genetics…But genes do not wholly determine how robust a personality an individual...

Supporting young people with type 1 diabetes: experiences from healthcare professionals in Sweden

‘Young people with type 1 diabetes are dependent upon competent and accessible healthcare to manage their self care, immediate health and wellbeing in daily life, in addition to managing their...

Understanding Perthes disease

The disease pattern is still not fully understood; but, very broadly, there seem to be environmental rather than genetic factors involved. It mainly affects boys (around 80% of cases). Worldwide,...

Girlguides' awareness of and attitudes towards sun risks and sun-protective behaviours

‘… adolescents should be considered a priority group for targeted interventions to improve sun protection behaviour, with [ultraviolet radiation] exposure during childhood and adolescence being of...

Epilepsy: recognition and management of seizures in children and young people

‘Epilepsy describes a tendency to have seizures, where a sudden surge in brain activity manifests as abnormal behaviour patterns….There are many different seizure types and so appropriate...

What factors influence measles, mumps and rubella vaccine hesitancy among parents? A systematic review

‘…parents appreciate balanced information about the risks and benefits of a vaccine, in a timely manner, from a trusted health professional, such as a health visitor.’ .

How will you raise your school nursing roar?

‘…we cannot and must not ignore the stark and unnaceptable inequalities highlighted during the pandemic. We need to utilise this learning, reflect, analyse and change our models of practice to...

School counselling: The evidence for what works

In 2016, a team led by the University of Roehampton, with the National Children's Bureau, the universities of Manchester and Sheffield, the London School of Economics, Metanoia Institute (London), and...

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