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Screening children for mental health difficulties in school settings

The aim of the work was to review the evidence for mental health screening and identification programmes based in schools and to judge whether current evidence fulfils selected UK National Screening...

Mental health: A false dichotomy

‘… research also shows that an increased proportion of children and young people are just not willing to tell the adults around them – in school or at home – what is going on in their private...

Helping children and young people to appraise risk in difficult times

‘Rates of anxiety and depression have doubled in the past 2 years, affecting all age groups but particularly teenagers. This is scarcely surprising: the pandemic and climate change present...

My experience of an alternative placement

‘Some of [Sharon White's] advice to newly qualified SCPHNs “get published – there will always be support from SAPHNA” and “keep shining”. .


Worrying levels of loneliness and sleep problems as well as the rising incidence of eating disorders are feeding a wellbeing crisis that has left an estimated one in six young people with a probable...

School nursing intervention for COVID-19-related mental health issues in the school health office

To better understand the impact and risk factors of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the mental, physical, and social health of children and adolescents, a literature search was performed....

Nursing associate apprentices' experiences of caring on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Department of Health announced the development of the nursing associate role as a strategy to address the nurse workforce shortfall in England (Willis, 2015). Currently, the UK is facing severe...

A transdisciplinary approach to adolescent safeguarding education

Adolescent safeguarding education has been a key area of interest for the researcher over the last 4 years, this started in their first research study with learners on a children's pre-registration...

Poverty is not inevitable: What can schools do about it?

‘The evidence tells us that poverty is a structural issue. We have seen that over decades poverty is reduced by structural and policy changes that focus on poverty alleviation and eradication.’ .

COVID-19 vaccine: Rollout of the school immunisation programme

‘It came as little surprise, therefore, that by the beginning of October, official Department for Education figures showed that more than 200 000 pupils were off school for COVID-related reasons –...

School nursing: What's in a name?

‘Unless we are in the conversation and helping others to best understand our unique role, and therefore relevant standards, we run the risk of these and any review not being accurate’ .

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