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Assessment of preschool children's sleep habits in relation to the time spent watching television

The main aims were to assess preschool children's TV viewing habits and sleep habits, as well as the way the time spent watching TV affects children's sleep patterns..

School readiness: interventions in action

Interventions that focus on the period of transition between early years and school will have an impact, as will specific programmes to improve speech, language, and communication skills. The latter...

Using every opportunity to vaccinate children

‘…school and public health nurses are using this as an opportunity to reflect and build on best practice.’ .

The food advertising preying on our children

‘Companies have already made a significant contribution to the nationwide effort to improve healthy lifestyles and diets through reformulating products, and with very effective healthy-lifestyle...


The Education Policy Institute has released a report on ‘Young people's mental and emotional health’, which examines ‘trajectories and drivers in adolescence’. The report analysed factors across the...


School leaders have yet again been left angry and frustrated after prime minister Boris Johnson acted to close schools to the majority of pupils just 48 hours after insisting that they were safe to...

Internet safety: Teaching children to keep themselves safe

…the overriding message [is] that it is never too young to start talking about online safety.’ .

Enhancing mental health literacy in schools through staff training: An integrative review

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2020) in the United States, 9.4% of children aged 2–17 years have been diagnosed with ADHD. Among children aged 3–17 years, 7.4% have...

Fabricated or induced illness: The importance of health chronologies in recognising this form of abuse

‘Fabricated or induced illness by carers is a relatively rare form of child abuse in which a parent or carer seeks medical intervention by fabricating or inducing symptoms in a child.’ .

Socialisation, masculinity and adolescence

O'Neil (2008) considered gender role conflict as problems that result from adherence to ‘rigid, sexist, or restrictive gender roles, learned during socialisation, that result in personal...

School readiness: The importance of a multi-agency approach

‘Preparing for school entry can be an extremely anxious time for parents and their child. Health visitors and school nurses have a fundamental role to play in supporting parents and ensuring the...

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