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Reduced physical activity and increased sedentary behaviour: the damage on young people during the COVID-19 pandemic

‘Social restrictions, including remote learning and the closure of activities that children and young people would normally attend, such as dance classes or football sessions, have made it difficult...

Online safety: The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on children in the UK

Schools have an important role to play in internet safety. The Internet Matters (2020) survey of 1000 teachers in the UK was published in September 2020. The results of this survey showed that over...

Smoking prevention and cessation in young people

Children become addicted to tobacco and smoking within 4 weeks of starting smoking (DiFranza, 2000), and often start smoking because they have been exposed to adults smoking in their lives,...

Examining interventions to improve young deaf people's mental health: a search for evidence

Over 5% of the world's population experience disabling hearing loss, which will affect one in ten people by 2050 (World Health Organization, 2019b). According to the World Federation of the Deaf...

Implementing new consent procedures for schools-based human papillomavirus vaccination: a qualitative study

‘The new procedures allowed all eligible young women to attend, irrespective of whether they had returned a parental consent form.’ .

Writing and nursing: An unlikely Nightingale

‘Today made sense. I might have something to offer nursing, after all.’ .

Should COVID-19 be considered an adverse child experience?

Although it is now widely held that there are 10 main categories of ACEs (Public Health Scotland, 2020), this list has changed through the years. The types of ACEs have changed from the impact of...

Know the symptoms: diagnosing a brain tumour early is key

‘…brain tumours are, in fact, the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40 in the UK. Around 500 children and young people are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour each year, and,...

Recognising and managing an acute asthma attack

‘Formal diagnosis of asthma is difficult and must reflect the chronic nature of the disease…There is no one test that confirms a diagnosis of asthma. GPs use a combination of clinical history and...

The role of the school nurse in tackling serious youth violence: an analysis of healthcare provision

Primary prevention is at the core of public health and the school nursing service, with school nurses having expertise in preventative health care (Royal College of Nursing, 2020). The ‘Healthy Child...

Exposure of children to television food advertisements: an observational analysis

‘Television advertisements provide an effective medium for food companies to target children and influence their food choices…Multiple systematic reviews have shown that child exposure to television...

Assessment of preschool children's sleep habits in relation to the time spent watching television

The main aims were to assess preschool children's TV viewing habits and sleep habits, as well as the way the time spent watching TV affects children's sleep patterns..

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