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Behaviour: Promoting inclusion using a trauma-informed approach

Trauma rewires the brain. When we are in danger our thinking, speaking brains shut down and we go into fight, flight, freeze or faint mode. When that happens repeatedly or continuously this can end up...


Footballer Marcus Rashford has vowed to continue to lead the campaign to end child food poverty after forcing the government to back down over its refusal to fund free meals during school holidays..

Delivering a school-based immunisation programme and maintaining uptake in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

Clearly, there are many challenges ahead, but this year's programme has already faced setbacks. According to Kelly Riddles, immunisation staff nurse, Wakefield 0–19 Service at the Bradford District...

Crohn's and colitis: New research offers insights into caring for young people

‘Typically, consultations do not address young people's feelings, mental health, or the challenges that IBD symptoms can create for sustaining friendships and connectedness. … our study reveals the...

Using narrative messages to improve parents' experience of learning that a child has overweight

This work provides insight into a novel application of health communication theory, by investigating the acceptability and feasibility of using narrative messages to enhance parents' responses to NCMP...

Nutritional content and quality of food consumed at recess and lunchtime by 5–8-year-olds

The initial data extraction process resulted in 796 articles. Of these, 583 appeared in Scopus, 106 in ProQuest, 38 in Cinahl and 69 in Medline. Once duplicates were removed, 690 articles remained....

FIT: A community-engaged approach to health and physical education

‘…the development and mastery of selected physical abilities early in life are prerequisites for continued participation in moderate to vigorous physical activity…’ .

#SayTheWords: Supporting grieving children

Childhood Bereavement Network: Growing in Grief Awareness:

School nurses keep on shining during the pandemic

‘…we need to be bigger and bolder than that if we are to truly effect change and have the right workforce capacity with which to do it.’ .


Schools are facing up to a ‘long, hard winter’ ahead as COVID-19 testing delays and rising infection rates have already seen a spike in the numbers of pupils being sent home. .

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