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Mental Health

Talking to children about death dying and bereavement – Is it time for a change in the school curriculum?

‘We … know that children often worry that their parents or those close to them may die. Therefore, why do we not talk more openly with children?’ .

Mental health and wellbeing: 10 challenges post-lockdown

Everyone is going through a tough time and even the most resilient pupils are likely to find that their wellbeing takes a hit. Pupils might seem more anxious than usual; they may be more irritable,...

Mental health and COVID-19: Advice for teachers

More than anything right now, children need to feel comforted. That can be difficult especially when working remotely, but there are simple things that can be done..

Trauma informed education for specialist practice

School nurses have a key public health role through the universal and targeted services they provide across education and health, providing a link between school, home and the community (Royal College...

Agression: Managing aggressive behaviour in students

Sometimes, where aggression is persistent, serious and does not respond to the interventions available within a school, the possibility of exclusion is likely to be considered. Often, that is the...

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