Department for Education and Public Health England. Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on vulnerable children and young people. 2020.

NHS England and NHS Improvement coronavirus. COVID-19 prioritisation within community health services. 2020.

COVID-19: School nursing services and continuity of care

02 April 2020
Volume 1 · Issue 2


As a result of the pandemic and the ensuing measures, including school closures and staff redeployment, school nurses have had to quickly respond and adapt their services to ensure that they could provide continuity of care. Sharon White explains

During these difficult times, school nurses are only too aware of how they, as a workforce, must unite to provide optimum continuity of care to school-aged children and young people.

Prior to school closures (and still, although in a much reduced way), school nurses adapted their public health offer to prioritise health protection/promotion. Recognising hand and respiratory hygiene as the single most important intervention to help break the path of COVID19; they worked tirelessly to educate schools, communities, families to self-empower and enable them to understand the imperative part they had to play to prevent and protect themselves and their wider contacts. There are some fabulous examples and reports of children and young people taking up the baton with this learning and sharing it onwards; my own 4-year-old grandson a great testimony to his school nurse who certified his whole school as ‘hand-washing warriors’! Subsequently, school nursing services up and down the country have become the ‘go-to’ expert resource on physical distancing and self-isolation for all partners.

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