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ACE awareness in school nursing – becoming a trauma-informed service

‘When I first joined the school health service 7 years ago, I quickly understood that there was a link between domestic abuse, parental substance misuse and parental mental health, and the...

Asthma: Disadvantaged children at greater risk of the condition persisting into adulthood

‘Children with asthma who spent the early years of their life living in a social disadvantaged environment, have a greatly increased risk of the condition persisting into adulthood…’ .

Mental health: A false dichotomy

‘… research also shows that an increased proportion of children and young people are just not willing to tell the adults around them – in school or at home – what is going on in their private...

Poverty is not inevitable: What can schools do about it?

‘The evidence tells us that poverty is a structural issue. We have seen that over decades poverty is reduced by structural and policy changes that focus on poverty alleviation and eradication.’ .

COVID-19 vaccine: Rollout of the school immunisation programme

‘It came as little surprise, therefore, that by the beginning of October, official Department for Education figures showed that more than 200 000 pupils were off school for COVID-related reasons –...

Understanding Perthes disease

The disease pattern is still not fully understood; but, very broadly, there seem to be environmental rather than genetic factors involved. It mainly affects boys (around 80% of cases). Worldwide,...

School counselling: The evidence for what works

In 2016, a team led by the University of Roehampton, with the National Children's Bureau, the universities of Manchester and Sheffield, the London School of Economics, Metanoia Institute (London), and...

Writing and nursing: An unlikely Nightingale

‘Today made sense. I might have something to offer nursing, after all.’ .

Know the symptoms: diagnosing a brain tumour early is key

‘…brain tumours are, in fact, the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40 in the UK. Around 500 children and young people are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour each year, and,...

Internet safety: Teaching children to keep themselves safe

…the overriding message [is] that it is never too young to start talking about online safety.’ .

Socialisation, masculinity and adolescence

O'Neil (2008) considered gender role conflict as problems that result from adherence to ‘rigid, sexist, or restrictive gender roles, learned during socialisation, that result in personal...

Crohn's and colitis: New research offers insights into caring for young people

‘Typically, consultations do not address young people's feelings, mental health, or the challenges that IBD symptoms can create for sustaining friendships and connectedness. … our study reveals the...

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