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All Together: Free anti-bullying programme

‘Much uncertainty lies ahead, and we are pleased that so many schools are using this time to think about their anti-bullying work and ensure staff are able to meet the needs of all their pupils.’ .

COVID-19: School nursing services and continuity of care

‘Critically, many school nursing services are well advanced in the use of technology and right now, when most children are at home and/or self-isolating, this is proving a lifeline for many… ’ .

Reopening schools: Four barriers that should not be overlooked

It is not a facetious or ‘blocking’ question: it is a real and fundamental desire to know what we are trying to achieve, because it is not until you declare why schools are opening further at an...

Sepsis: The importance of knowing the signs and symptoms

‘Some of the symptoms are not dissimilar to other illnesses such as colds and flu, or a chest infection, which is why a delayed diagnosis can be fatal.’ .

RSE: Asking young people for their views on relationships and sex education

‘Only 41% rated their school-based RSE as good or very good, slightly lower than a similar poll conducted in 2018.’ .

All our health … and inequalities

‘Young people trust nurses and talk openly—this cannot be underestimated. Just by listening and giving a young person time can make a huge difference; which is exactly why school nursing is an...

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