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Caffeine: Effects on sleep and academic performance in college students

Caffeine is consumed worldwide by college students in many different forms (Alsharif et al, 2018; Jahrami, et al, 2020; Mahoney et al, 2019; Eduviere et al, 2021; Zahra et al, 2021). Caffeine is...

Acquired brain injury: Providing support in schools

ABI is an injury to the brain that occurs after birth and a period of typical development. They may be traumatic (e.g. fall, accident, assault) or non-traumatic (relating to medical condition or...

Supporting children and young people with long COVID in the classroom

School staff might see a reduced ability to find words or express themselves when feeling fatigued or anxious, or if they do not understand a task, as well as a reduced ability to understand and...

Online safety: The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on children in the UK

Schools have an important role to play in internet safety. The Internet Matters (2020) survey of 1000 teachers in the UK was published in September 2020. The results of this survey showed that over...

School readiness: interventions in action

Interventions that focus on the period of transition between early years and school will have an impact, as will specific programmes to improve speech, language, and communication skills. The latter...

School readiness: The importance of a multi-agency approach

‘Preparing for school entry can be an extremely anxious time for parents and their child. Health visitors and school nurses have a fundamental role to play in supporting parents and ensuring the...

COVID-19 in schools: Infection control, personal protective equipment and the latest CPR advice

Children, young people, their parents and those who work with them can take a number of important actions during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, to help prevent the spread of the virus..

School nurses' role in supporting transgender young people

All names and identifying details have been changed in this case study..

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