02 February 2024
Volume 5 · Issue 1


Annual Internet Matters survey finds parents are increasingly worried about the impact of too much time spent online while children are suffering harms including extreme content and being targeted by strangers

Parents are increasingly worried that too much time spent online is damaging their children's physical health and sleep.

Two-thirds of children, meanwhile, report having had harmful experiences online.

The third annual Internet Matters survey concludes that children's ‘digital wellbeing’ is improving thanks in part to ‘more engaged parenting’.

However, it also warns that ‘many children are still dealing with the negative aspects of online life’ including seeing extreme and hateful content and being contacted by strangers.

The report is based on survey data from more than 1 000 UK children and young people aged 9 to 16 and their parents.

Children and young people in the survey report that the time they spend online helps them to feel confident and independent and part of wider groups as well as helping them to learn and discover careers and new interests.

There is also evidence of ‘more engaged’ parenting, including more oversight of children and young people's online activity and more parent-child dialogue about online risks.

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