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E-cigarette use A look at how school nurses can address this growing trend

‘It is concerning that a proportion of adolescents believe that the physical and mental health effects of e-cigarette use are non-existent or very minimal.’ .

Culture: A determinant of breastfeeding in SCPHN practice

The health benefits of breastfeeding are well researched and are recognised by professional bodies both nationally and globally (UNICEF, 2021; World Health Organization [WHO], 2021). Benefits which...

School nursing intervention for COVID-19-related mental health issues in the school health office

To better understand the impact and risk factors of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the mental, physical, and social health of children and adolescents, a literature search was performed....

Reduced physical activity and increased sedentary behaviour: the damage on young people during the COVID-19 pandemic

‘Social restrictions, including remote learning and the closure of activities that children and young people would normally attend, such as dance classes or football sessions, have made it difficult...

Smoking prevention and cessation in young people

Children become addicted to tobacco and smoking within 4 weeks of starting smoking (DiFranza, 2000), and often start smoking because they have been exposed to adults smoking in their lives,...

Should COVID-19 be considered an adverse child experience?

Although it is now widely held that there are 10 main categories of ACEs (Public Health Scotland, 2020), this list has changed through the years. The types of ACEs have changed from the impact of...

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