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My experience of an alternative placement

‘Some of [Sharon White's] advice to newly qualified SCPHNs “get published – there will always be support from SAPHNA” and “keep shining”. .

School nursing: What's in a name?

‘Unless we are in the conversation and helping others to best understand our unique role, and therefore relevant standards, we run the risk of these and any review not being accurate’ .

How will you raise your school nursing roar?

‘…we cannot and must not ignore the stark and unnaceptable inequalities highlighted during the pandemic. We need to utilise this learning, reflect, analyse and change our models of practice to...

Using every opportunity to vaccinate children

‘…school and public health nurses are using this as an opportunity to reflect and build on best practice.’ .

Never more relevant, never more needed

‘Right now we need to amplify, celebrate and embrace our postgraduate public health nursing qualifications, experience, leadership, knowledge and skills and optimise its use; it has never been more...

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